There are so many people to thank who have walked this journey of grief and loss with us.  Words can never adequately express our thanks and appreciation.  Our hope is by giving back, we will be honoring your gift to us. 

To our dear friends and family, with all of our love.

To Trish.. for allowing me to grieve and shining the light so I could find my way back...and for not letting go.

To Jennifer.. for literally holding my hand during the worst of it and for making me laugh, for keeping my room clear when I needed it and for crying with me.  You exemplify what a nurse should be. 

To our families at Trefoil and Vanguard.  For loving us, supporting us, and allowing us to have the time we so desperately needed. 

For Amy... for calling and offering your shoulder when I needed it. That phone call was the basis for this foundation.

From the bottom of our hearts..thank you.

P.S.  I was incredibly remiss in forgetting one very important person.

Amy... thank you for your time, your energy, your patience and most of all, your encouragement.  This website would be just an empty space without you.  You are incredibly talented!